She’s almost grown up!

The baby is 17 and almost grown up. Sniff, sniff. Tonight was the Junior/Senior Banquet at her school. She attends a Christian school where they don’t have prom so this banquet is in place of it. She and her friend, Lauren, attended together. Hard to believe she’s almost a senior.

Part of why I wanted to start blogging again is to share about my great finds and put-togethers for the “fashionista’s”. Here is the outfit that we put together for tonight and it was very inexpensive, but it is so cute and fit the County Fair theme of the banquet. (I had a sneak peak this afternoon at the banquet set-up and all I can say is WOW. The smaller gym was totally transformed into a county fair (minus the animals).)

Here are Leah and Lauren at Lauren’s house:

Jr Sr Banquet - Leah and Lauren

Last weekend when we were in Salina, and I, of course, had to check out their Goodwill. I found so many good things there – this dress being one of them. In fact, I had about ten dresses for her to look at and she rejected about 2/3 of them, but that was ok because we found what we were looking for. The dress has spaghetti straps (not dress code), but we found the little sweater there, too, to wear with it. Her necklace was a gift and the sandals she already owned from a 4-H project; she rarely wears them but they worked perfectly with the dress.

Here’s the breakdown:

Dress                $2.99 (normally $5.99 but it was 1/2 off)

Sweater           $2.99 (I think.)

Necklace         Gift

Sandals           Already owned

Purse               Already owned

I think we did pretty good for less than $6 (10% discount card works state-wide). I do have to say, too, that I appreciate the fact that Leah will make do with what she has (i.e. shoes, jewelry), and never complains.

The most expensive part was the hair and make-up, but we go to a beauty school where it’s a little cheaper. After all, I want her to feel special for these events.


I’m anxious to hear about the evening, but she’s spending the night with Lauren and Anna so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.