K-State and Rambling Thoughts


Thursday Leah and I took a day trip to Manhattan, KS. As we are driving, I realized how much I miss traveling, whether it’s by car, plane or train. Oh, to have a job to travel and investigate new sights and sounds. I need another job. Hint, hint, anyone? 🙂

Our purpose for the trip was two-fold. First, I needed to go to K-State and help Erin figure out some financial aid. It was so much easier to take care of things in person than over the phone, especially since we were going back and forth between two buildings. Second, it was a college visit for Leah. We had a department visit and are at least eliminating areas of study she’s NOT interested in. College tours are always interesting and especially even more so for me now. As many times as Leah’s been on the K-State campus, she’d never had a tour until Thursday. Admissions people were great, too. Overall, I’ve been very impressed with K-State. It would be fun to have another Wildcat, but we’ll have to see what direction she decides to go.

It was fun to be on campus during the school week, especially since we are usually there on the weekends when students are out of class. There’s just something invigorating about being around young minds and an intellectual community. It makes me miss being in school or at least working in a college environment.

(The t-shirt was a freebie given to prospective students. I think we’ll tie-die it purple. 🙂 )

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