Field Trip Day

Wednesday was field trip day for Kindergarten. I never really look forward to these days because I often have to manage the more difficult children, but that goes with my job. I did get the most difficult child in class but amazingly he was engaged in the museum and did a great job. Thankfully the rain held off and we were able to have a picnic lunch and play on their playground for quite awhile. I was exhausted afterwards, and I bet the kids slept well that night, too.

Exploration Place

We went to Exploration Place. It has been years since I’ve gone there because my girls are older. There are new exhibits and still some of the old ones. It was a little disappointing that some of the exhibits were broken or had missing pieces. I always enjoy looking at Kansas in Miniature, and if I remember correctly, the train use to go around the exhibit, but it didn’t run while we were there. Exploration Place is still definitely worth a visit. We were there for four hours and didn’t really get through the whole museum. Granted, we had an hour and fifteen minute lunch and play time, but their playground is lots of fun. We also had a 45 minute “lab” since we went as a school group. The kindergarten age seems to be the perfect age to thoroughly enjoy the museum.

One of the cool exhibits they had was a room with structures made from KEVA Planks. How cool were these structures? I was telling Erin since she is an architect student how much she would enjoy this exhibit. (I almost felt like I was in one of her studios when I walked in there.) Plus there were work stations for the kids to build their own structures. Kids that have a hard time focusing were thoroughly engaged in building with these planks, and for quite some time, too. Each KEVA plank piece is the same size: 1/4 inch thick, 3/4 inch wide and 4 1/2 inches long. You do not use glue or connectors to build with them. Oh what fun we had!! We could have stayed there all day. If you have the resources to invest in these, by all means do so! Check out their website to see the amazing structures.white new to KEVA .jpg

Overall, it was a good day. I even went in the tornado simulator and gave the kids a good laugh with my hair standing straight up.

I invite you to explore Wichita and Exploration Place.